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Small update June 7, 2009

Posted by Kai in Blog.

I have been working on my Eve Online blog. The learning process from throwing content on the eve blog is helping me understand what i need to do here on Gaming misadventures. It took me 3 hours to write a small trade guide on my eve blog. What i had planned for a review is going to probably take a whole day. I am currently writing a template for the reviews to help speed up the process, and i hope once i get around to reviewing my favourite games that it will be something enjoyable to read.

Something else i have came to realise is that im just one person working full time already. There is no way i can put out the content that even a dedicate gaming blog can. Maybe i could sink so low as to ask for donations? Maybe if i felt my opinions were something special, and considering i have nothing down about anything at the moment, it would seem a bad decision!

Im thinking of a good game to kick start this blog. Something that if anyone read they will know my style of writing and how i will review future games. I know alot of people will agree with me on the game i plan to review that it can be very intense, and even emotional (im not the only one so dont judge). It is probably the best sci-fi RTS game ever created. Everyone has great memories of playing Homeworld. The sequel is getting old now but still looks beautiful and is definitely worth playing. Hopefully i will have something out by next week.




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