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Kai’s Gaming Misadventures

This will hopefully let you know where i am coming from, and why i think my reviews and opinions are just as worthy as those on much bigger game sites.

I have been playing games since i was tiny. I Grew up on the commodore. I always spent an unhealthy amount of time gaming on it. A few memorable games from my childhood are Civilization and  Formula one Grand Prix on the commodore and  Dune 2:Battle for arakis and Syndicate on the Sega. From then i have owned most consoles that have been released and still generally spend way to much time playing on them.

Being interested as much as i am with the gaming industry, i think i am clued very well with companies and the games they release, how they are developed, and the relationship publishers and developers have with there end users (we gamers). I hope in my game reviews people will see where i am coming from, as i plan to take in account of everything i can without bogging down a review with to much nitpicking or having a large paragraph that has nothing to do with reviewing the game.

Lastly, what makes my reviews count just as much as those on more established gaming sites? I think alot of reviews are driven by hype and 20 minute play-through. Ever felt you were being told about a great new innovative feature that’s been done way to many times before? Or how a game could score top marks and get a great review but is unplayable to the majority of people?

Hopefully, when i review a game the review can be trusted. I will re-review games after patches as well, since some games that deserved a low score are stuck with the stigma, even after some great support from the developers.

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to e-mail me. Or, if you like, rant on the comments if you think i am being unreasonable. I’m am open to any criticism so the more the better.


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